Tim and Debbie Childers are the founders of The Reality Group.  For years, they struggled to work for God and to live the Christian life.  But one day God revealed to them that such a goal has never been possible!!  God never intended for Christians to live their lives for Him.  Instead, He has made a way for Christ to live His life in and through them!!

  After the revelation from God that transformed Tim and Debbie's lives, they realized that most Christians today are as performance-based as they were!  They spend their whole lives trying to get what they already have, trying to achieve what's already been done for them, and trying to accomplish what is impossible for them to do!  No wonder they feel frustrated and unfulfilled!!  That's not the life God has planned for Christians!

    The Reality Group was founded to share the full truth about God's grace!!  It's not just for salvation - it's for life; and not just any old life.  God's grace is all about an ABUNDANT, VICTORIOUS,  FULL TO THE TOP, and OVERFLOWING LIFE!!  The Christian life that God has planned for us is not about doing - it's about relationship.  It's not about service - it's about abiding.  It's not about striving - it's about resting.  

    Does that sound appealing and refreshing?  Then click your way through the site and keep reading about The Reality Group.  Be sure to read some of the articles and study excerpts.  Then check out the conferences and resources.

We are passionate about reality! 

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