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Paraptoma's Prince

This story is the deepest outpouring of Debbie's heart.  It is your testimony if you are a Christian.  The word "Paraptoma" means "the fallen" and it is a perfect description of our condition before Jesus.  But just as the boroken and battered heroine of this beautiful story finds complete acceptance and unconditional love in her Prince's family, so do we in the family of God through Jesus.  This story proclaims our identity and acceptance in Christ.  You'll rejoice as you read about God's great love for you.  Included with this book is a CD recording of Christian recording artist Rhonda's Gunn's beautiful song, Dreams, that inspired this story.  CD and Book - $15.00


I'm Not Martha Stewart!!

Debbie is happily married to Tim and believe it or not, he is happily married to her!!  In this video taped during a live presentation, Debbie pokes fun at her inability to live up to the world's expectations as a wife and mother, and relates that to our inabilities to live up to what has become traditional beliefs about what is expected of Christians!!  This recording will make you laugh and compel you to try less and trust more!

CD - $5.00

 Abundant Life Ain't Like A Sitcom!

In this series, Debbie explores the "FUN"damentals of the abundant, victorious Christian life by looking at four characters from sitcoms and how we can learn from their mistakes!!  You will laugh and learn while you listen!!

CD $15.00

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