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God Is Passing By 

In Exodus 33, there is a beautiful story of Moses praying for God's mercy on behalf of the children of Israel who have rebelled and failed God miserably. God spares the Israelites from the destruction they deserve in response to Moses' prayer and the intimate relationship that they share.

After this encounter with God, Moses has one more request. He says, "Now, show me Your glory." And God responds in a way that's hard for us to understand. He explains to Moses that if He allows Moses to see His face, Moses will die. But He places Moses in the cleft of a rock - a rock near Himself - and covers Moses there with His own protecting hand. As His glory passes by, in an act of tremendous love, God whispers His name to him, a name so holy the Israelites couldn't even voice it aloud. And then He allows Moses to look and see His back.

Think of what this means to us. There are so many times I want to "see" God working in situations of my life. But that is not always possible because the manifested glory of God at work is more than our earthly bodies could stand. It would literally scare us to death if we saw the warfare raging. So even though we can't see Him working, we know by faith that He is. And while He works, He places us in a safe place near Him; a place where nothing can destroy us because He protects us there with His own hand. And while He works, He keeps speaking His name to us; names like Jehovah Rophe, "I am your Healer"; or Jehovah Shalom, "I am your Peace", or Jehovah Jireh, "I am your Provider."

And then the most amazing thing of all happens. When His work is done we can come out of our "hiding" place and see where He has been!!! We may not always get to see His work in progress, but we always get to see the results. We can look back and see God's fingerprints all over what He has accomplished.


God Is Passing By

It seems like I've prayed till no words are left in me, there's nothing more I can say,

Yet I don't see the change I had hoped would come quickly, the problem's not going away.

I want to see evidence of God's mighty power, some hope that He's working it out,

But when I see nothing that resolves my dilemma, I start to worry and doubt.

I begin to lose hope and would faint from the struggle, but all of a sudden I hear,

A rush of wind and words of great comfort - God is very near.

I cannot see Him, but I can hear Him although I don't know how,

And He says, "Don't fear for I am with you and I'm working this out even now."

And He speaks His name - to remind me He's working in ways I cannot see,

"I AM Jehovah Rophe, the Great Physician, the God that healeth thee,

I AM Jehovah Jireh, your provider, I AM Jehovah Shalom, your peace,

I AM El Shaddai, God Almighty, and with those words I know sweet release.


In the realm of the spirits, unbelievable warfare takes place far out of our sight,

And if we saw the battle that God fights for us, - we would die from fright.

With His hand of protection, He covers us tightly and blocks our view of the war,

And when it's safe He removes His hand and lets us see a little more.

And what we see is truly amazing for we see mighty things God has done,

But we won't know this side of heaven at what great price the battle was won.

He is faithful to complete whatever He's started, though we don't know how or when,

And though we don't usually see where He's going, we can always tell where He's been.

So if you have prayed till no words are left in you and God doesn't seem very near,

Don't lose hope, He is working though you cannot see Him, you have no reason to fear,

Just let Him protect you deep in the rock and know that He's hearing your cry,

Be very still and listen closely, for God is passing by!

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