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It's Who You Know That Matters Most 

            One of the most exciting things that ever happened to me occurred in March of 1974.  For years, I had admired Patricia Nixon, wife of President Richard Nixon and had written her numerous letters to tell her of my admiration for her.  When I learned that we shared a mutual birthday, I was ecstatic.  And surprisingly, so was she!!  So in 1974, when President Nixon was invited to celebrate his wife's birthday at the opening of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN, she had her secretary call and invite me to join in the celebration.  I immediately accepted her invitation, of course!

            The plan was for me to wait in a receiving line that included several dignitaries from Tennessee state government.  Just before the arrival of the Nixons, I was approached by Mrs. Nixon's escort (seen in the picture above) to make sure that I had the place of honor at the end of the receiving line.  It seemed that Mrs. Nixon wanted me to be the last person she had to greet so that she could spend more time with me.  One of the women in the receiving line with me just couldn't understand why a teenager from Alabama should have a more important role than she held, so she looked down her nose at me and said, "Who are you?"

            I quickly replied, "Well, I'm a friend of Mrs. Nixon's!," as I strutted to my place of honor.  And in that very spot, because of my relationship with his wife, I met the President of the United States.  You see, it wasn't about what I had done.  Many of the people in line had done much more for the Nixon campaign than I had done.  What mattered was that I was an honored guest of the honored guest!!  She had invited me and because she accepted me, I was given a place of honor and introduced to our nation's President.

            When I think of my relationship with God I am reminded of that great event in my life. I'm so glad that my relationship with God is also not based on what I have done.  I may never write a best seller on the Christian book list, I may never become a famous speaker in packed out auditoriums, and I may never amount to much in the world's eyes.  But because of Who I know, (and Who knows me), I have been given a place of honor in the Kingdom of God.  Because of my relationship with Jesus, I can have an intimate relationship with God, Himself.  In fact, because God has accepted me in Christ Jesus, I have been brought into the very family of God.   I am an honored guest of the ultimate Guest of Honor. 

            For all of eternity, it's Who you know that matters most!


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