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Testimonials About the Ministries of

The Reality Group

Tim and Debbie Childers are the real thing!  They know the love and grace of Jesus Christ and they know how to share it with others.  We first met when Debbie was our Sunday School Teacher, the very best we have ever had  - and Tim was one of our Pastors.  Some 15 years later, they have lots of real experiences to share.  The Childers have been there, done that, have scars and tee shirts to prove it.  The Reality Group is committed to telling it like it is and helping you know the Truth and Love of our Lord.  Tim and Debbie have been up, down and all the way around and they share with love, compassion, and fun.   Hope to see you at one of their Seminars!

Dave Gorden,  CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame President, National Speakers Association 1999-2000

Sevierville, Tennessee

Debbie and Tim Childers - what can I say? When sharing about retreats that I plan, people always want to know if Tim and Debbie will be there.  They spoke at our marriage retreat last year.  People's lives were changed and marriages strengthened in the retreat.  Even a year later, people are asking when they are coming back.  Debbie and Tim truly give meaning to being "free in Christ" and help people loosen the baggage that's accumulated over the years.  God has gifted this couple with Biblical insights applied to today's world.

Eileen Wright, Associate Discipleship and Family Ministries Alabama State Board of Missions

Debbie and Tim Childers are a dynamic duo.  Their relationship with God is evident.  Their experiences are widespread and their honesty is refreshing.  I have personally and professionally benefited from the ministry God has given them and from the energy with which they share it. 

Beth Chapman, Alabama Secretary of State

Tim and Debbie Childers are two of the most gifted people I know. Their teaching is enthusiastic, entertaining and edifying. Wherever they speak, transformed lives are the evidence of their ministry. I know of nobody who I can more highly recommend to effectively communicate the Father's love and grace than this couple. Blessed is the Christian who is exposed to their ministry.

Dr. Steve McVey, Grace Walk Ministries

Ladies, I treasure any time I get to spend with Debbie Street Childers hearing her speak and teach. You will be blessed, enlightened, and your spirits lifted if you spend 5 minutes with her, so imagine 2 days!!   Judy Kircus  Birmingham, AL

As an event planner, I have booked dozens of keynote speakers. I have flown them in from all over the country. We've had good speakers and we've had bad speakers. We've had everywhere in-between speakers (sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!). We needed something fresh - something different. As it turns out, our answer lived just 25 miles away.

We asked Mrs Childers to address attendees at an annual National Junior College Athletic Association softball banquet. This has proven to be a tough crowd!  400 eighteen to twenty-on year-old young ladies can be a difficult group to motivate. Debbie communicated with me many times as she prepared to come share. This was a very fresh approach for her to take. As I explained the desired outcome she assured me she could do it.

Debbie Childers not only met our expectations, she far exceeded them!  She reached out to this group of young ladies and captivated them!  Her humor, truth, compassion and encouragement knocked down the walls typically erected by this many student-athletes in the same room. Debbie didn't come across as a 'speaker.'  She came across as someone who genuinely cared for these young ladies. And she left no doubt, she does care for those young ladies.

I believe Debbie's love for people is genuine. She pours herself into her very effective means of communicating the message. I would, without hesitation, recommend Debbie Childers  as a speaker at your next event! 

Larry Vann

Covenant Classical School

I have never enjoyed teaching anything more than I have enjoyed teaching L.I.F.E. Lessons.  The depth of the lessons motivates readers to delve deeper into the Scriptures, and most importantly, the lessons provide a fresh insight into the continuous "transformation" process Christians experience, empowered by the Holy Spirit.  The grace based messages cause class members to rejoice over who they are and what they have in Christ.  I whole-heartedly recommend this material to Sunday Schools, Discipleship groups,  and Bible study groups who want to see lives transformed and blessed through the ministry of teaching.

Robert Childress, Smyrna, Georgia

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