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The Great Exchange 

Read II Corinthians 5:21

            This may be the most important verse in the Bible.  At least for me it seems to be.  God made Jesus, the One who never sinned, to become sin for me so that in Jesus, God could make me to become the righteousness of God.

            I had read that verse for years and even committed it to memory.  I spoke of this verse often and used it to share how Jesus bore my sin so that I could have the righteousness of God.  But one day it seemed God was prodding me to look at that verse again and carefully notice exactly what it said.  After reading it slowly and pausing on each word, God showed me something I had not seen before.

            Jesus didn't just bear my sin for me.  He became sin in my place so that God could pour out onto Jesus all of His wrath for my sin.  And He did that for one reason; so that when I am in Christ, covered with the innocent Lamb of God, I could become the righteousness of God.  I dont just have the righteousness of God.  I have become the righteousness of God.

            Oh what a difference that makes.  It's not just a change in what I possess.  It's a change in what I am.  I am righteous.  I am now a saint and it's all because of Jesus.  It's important that we fully understand our identity in Christ.  Because of God's transformation, we are no longer filthy sinners.  We are holy and perfect saints.

        Have you ever thought about who you are in Christ?  Do you think of yourself as the world sees you or as God sees you?  You ARE  who God says you are!  He says you are holy and righteous.  Thank God today for making you holy and righteous.  Thank Him for transforming you and giving you a new identity.

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